Hi, my name is Chance, and my mommy got real sick suddenly and had to go to the hospital for a couple of weeks.   I came to DayCare at Flying Fur! to play and take my mind off of worrying about her.  Since it is just she and I at home, I got to be picked up in the morning by the “Barking Bus” and they brought me home every night in it too!  Then I’d go over to my best friend’s house to tell him all about my day and sleep with him and his mom.






Hi, I’m Chance’s Mom, and I'm here to tell you how grateful I am to Flying Fur Dog DayCare.  Aside from my recovery, my biggest worry was how Chance was handling the separation from home.  Fortunately, Chance had already gone to Flying Fur Dog DayCare a few times since it recently opened and he really enjoyed himself there.  All I had to do from ICU was make one call to have it arranged for him to spend days there instead of waiting and worrying for me at home.  That left for me only my recovery to concentrate on! 

Now that I'm back home, and we have put to rest his and my separation anxiety, it's time for Chance to get back to his hard play at Flying Fur.  So back on the Barking Bus he will go, instead of being bored sleeping with me day and night while I get strong again.