Fundamentals of Positive Training and Basic Manners:


These classes are all taught using positive training methods!  We reinforce the good, and manage, as well as make less rewarding, the things we wish our dogs didn't do. We use a "clicker" to mark a precise behavior we like, followed by a food or toy reward.   Using these methods, dogs soon learn to Offer behaviors, to see which ones produce rewards.   Once they learn this, there is no end to what you and your dog can accomplish as a team.

BASIC MANNERS 1 -- Open to dogs and puppies 11 weeks and older at the start of class (puppies must have had their second round of Distemper (DHP) vaccinations by the start of class).

The owners will learn:

Together we will teach the dogs:

7 Weeks -- $80 payable the first night of class to the instructor, Stephanie Wilcke.  Classes will be held on Monday nights at 6:15PM and/or Sunday evenings at 5PM.  Monday classes will begin June 5 and September 11th.  Sunday classes will begin June 4th and September 10h.(No classes July 2, 3, or October 8,9)

BASIC MANNERS 2 -- Open to dogs and puppies 16 weeks and older at the start of class.  This class is intended for those dog/owner teams that have already mastered “sit,” “down,” “stay” for short durations and short distances and have moderate leash control.  This class does not address socialization for the dogs.  We will build on the skills you and your dog learned in Basic Manners 1 and begin to add more distractions.

In this class, we will focus on:

7 Weeks -- $80 payable the first night of class to the instructor, Stephanie Wilcke.  This class will be held on Monday nights at 7:30PM, beginning June 5th and September 11th.   (No class July 3 or October 9).

Note that we occasionally have to cancel a scheduled class if there are not enough participants to hold it.   If possible under those circumstances we will combine classes so everyone can attend. 

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And please fill out this Manners Class Questionnaire and email or fax it to us.


PRIVATE TRAINING Do neither of those options fit your needs? 

Our trainer, Stephanie O’Connell Wilcke, offers private, in-home training for just $50 per hour-long session (student discount and packages for multiple sessions are available).  These sessions can address any training issues or behavioral concerns including problems such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, fearfulness, etc.  Stephanie teaches clicker training and uses the latest science of positive reinforcement. We will never use choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, electronic collars and other devices that may hurt your dog.  Stephanie is independently insured and CPDT-KA certified.  CCPDT is the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession worldwide.

For more information or to schedule your first appointment, visit: