Once upon a time. . .

Once upon a time (not really so very many years ago), some friends sat at a flyball tournament with their dogs and talked about how totally cool it would be to build a place where they could practice flyball year around.  And maybe also do some agility.  And centralize other kinds of dog training opportunities.

And wouldn't it be wonderful to finally have a Dog DayCare in the New River Valley.  

Which is how Flying Fur! was born.    Out of a dream of having a fun place for dogs and people in our community. 

We bring a passion for life with dogs, a commitment to keep learning and growing as we develop our skills as dog managers and trainers, and many years of business and management experience to Flying Fur!  

We're already partnering with others in our community who bring a wide set of training skills to Flying Fur! and are looking forward to growing those relationships.

We hope you'll join us!

Sharon Harrell
shares her life with border collies (l-r) Micah, Jonah, Isaac, Dinah, and Elijah