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DayCare at Flying Fur!

Let’s face it. A lot of us hate leaving our dogs alone during the day. And, since we usually can’t take them to work, movies, restaurants, or shopping, they stay home for hours on end.  They’re bored.  Frustrated.  Anxious.  Lonely.   What’s a concerned pet owner to do?

Flying Fur! Dog Daycare is the Answer.  Don't feel guilty leaving your dog home alone all day again.  Let them have fun too.   We provide constant supervision and play.  We love dogs and can't think of a better way to spend the day than hanging out with a pack of furry friends.  Drop off your pal, go to work or about your activities, and at the end of the day pick up a happy, tired, tail-waggin' dog and head home for a pleasant evening together.

It's for those active dogs that just never seem to run out of energy.  Or maybe you worked all day and can't face that much needed walk.  Older dogs sometimes can't quite make the 9 or 10 or more hours at home alone.  And puppies...Puppies will learn excellent social skills, and we can run that battery down!

At Flying Fur! we cater to a variety of dogs...from couch potatoes to the shy wallflower to the social butterfly and the ball chasing jock/jockette.  For those with separation anxiety, we take extra loving care to help these guests find their spot in the play group.

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