DayCare How Do I Sign Up?

Schedule a Temperament Test:

Give us a call at 540-544-WOOF (540-544-9663) or e-mail us at to schedule your dog's Trial Day of Daycare. For the safety of everyone at daycare, it’s important that all dogs pass a temperament evaluation. 

Dog DayCare is for friendly, social dogs with a fairly well-balanced personality.  It is not a place for dogs that are aggressive to other dogs or people.  It is also not suitable for dogs that are bullies or so shy that they really would prefer not to play with other dogs.  Temperament testing is the screening process we use to evaluate if your dog is a good fit for our daycare.  Our primary concern is safety for all dogs, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We find that Temperament Testing works best in the context of a day of daycare.   We'll ask you to schedule the Temperament Test and drop your dog off for the day.  This allows us to spend some time with your dog one-on-one, and then to introduce him/her to other friendly dogs in a playgroup situation, while we monitor the dog's body language and reactions.   Sometimes dogs are very "over the top" (or very shy) initially, but quickly become appropriate and comfortable in the playgroup.

This first day of DayCare  only costs $5, and includes the temperament test.

Please print out and complete the following documents and fax (603-218- 7067) or scan and e-mail them to us before your dog’s temperament test appointment.  This information helps us to learn about your dog so that we know him better when he comes to daycare or boarding.

If you don't have it already, you'll need to download Adobe Reader (free) to view and print these documents.

Vaccination Certificate:
Please bring a current vaccination certificate from your veterinarian with you to your dogs temperament evaluation.   We can’t evaluate your dog without the proof of vaccinations.

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