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Come Visit us at our  Dog DayCare, Boarding  and Training Facility just west of Blacksburg on Route 460 (8889 Virginia Avenue, Newport)

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Flyball is a team relay racing sport designed for high-energy dogs and their owners .


As part of the training your dog will learn the basic pattern of jumping 4 jumps, executing a “Swimmer’s Turn”, retrieving a ball and returning over the jumps. Check out the sport and more information on the New River Rapids Flyball club at

Beginner Flyball Class

It will be a session for getting  to know you and your dog, including recalls to you, interest in a ball, and being able to be handled by someone other than the dog’s owner, recalls over the jumps and box turn. Seven class sessions. Cost $70.

The next flyball class is scheduled to start February 2018. Classes will be held Saturday afternoons at 3pm. If you are interested please email Sharon Harrell at


You don’t have to worry about your dog when you are away. At Flying Fur!, your dogs gets to play with his/her friends every day, instead of staying confined in a kennel all day! You never have to pay extra for “Play Time” – it’s what we do!

Boarding 1-3 nights: $38/night. Boarding more than 3 nights: $35/night. Free bath after 3 nights of boarding. Dogs must pass Evaluation/Temperament testing day prior to boarding.