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Training Philosophy     

You’re already a trainer!

You started training your dog from the minute s/he arrived in your home.  This training will continue as long as you have the dog.  Sometimes without the proper education, you may end up teaching your dog the exact behavior you were trying to avoid.  (Believe us, we’ve all done that!)

It’s our job at Flying Fur! to show you how to communicate with your dog in a positive way.  Together you develop a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Our classes will show you how to have fun with your dog while you teach him manners and boundaries.  This will allow him to become a permanent part of your life.

All of us at Flying Fur! compete with our dogs in dog sports (agility, flyball, obedience).   Playing a sport with a canine teammate greatly strengthens your bond and communication.  We’d love to have you join us!

We Offer:
Small Personalized Classes
Convenient Weekday Night sessions
Large indoor Training facility with Equation polymer sand flooring (GREAT for dog athletes and human handlers, too!)

Training Classes