Flying Fur! Dog DayCare and Training

Age of Puppies:

We require that puppies be at least 11 weeks old and have had two rounds of DHP "puppy shots" before joining in the fun at Flying Fur!

Overall Health

All dogs attending DayCare, Boarding, or Training at Flying Fur! must be in good health.  Any dog with a communicable condition will not be allowed.   Dogs who have been ill with a communicable condition within the prior 10 days will require a veterinarian’s certification of health prior to being re-admitted.


If your dog is not neutered, we will want to know and discuss your reasons for leaving the dog intact.  Sometimes hormones create "issues" which make a dog inappropriate for DayCare.  Females in season may not attend DayCare.


Flea Control 


Dogs must be on an effective flea control program.  If fleas are found at check-in a mandatory flea bath will be given (prices start at $25). 



Our policy is designed to protect the health of all dogs in our center while also supporting growing concerns in the dog community about potential health risks of over-vaccination of dogs. 


We verify Rabies every 3 years for dogs over 1 year of age. 


We require immunity/resistance against core diseases and Bordetella, and must have evidence  from your veterinarian of your dog’s current vaccination status before s/he has a temperament test..


We DO defer to each dog’s owner/veterinarian team regarding existing immunity status and recommended vaccination protocol for that dog while in our facility.  If your veterinarian has advised against certain vaccination protocols for your dog (other than Rabies, which is required by law)  and for owners with special circumstances, we will not require those vaccinations and will accept your veterinarian’s letter and your release of liability in the event your dog contracts disease.


Daycare Dog Social Skills


Inappropriate dog behavior can result in termination of daycare or sleepover privileges.  Inappropriate dog behavior includes, but is not limited to, bullying another dog, biting, fighting, and excessive marking indoors.   We will discuss all situations and concerns candidly with you and recommend training or behavior rehabilitative options that may remedy any undesirable behavior.

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